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Free Casual, Arcade, Puzzle Games (Page 9)

You play with naughty boy at school who always fails at exams. So the principal of his school decided to send a mail to his mother, but sending one mail is not enough...

Marble Arena 2 free PC game for downloadMarble Arena

Control your marble around easy to intricate full 3D levels, up and down slippery slopes, mastering physics contraptions such as air vents, jumppads and vortexes.

Marble ArenaMarble Arena 2

In Marble Arena 2 the indie developers take the concept of the first game – inspired by the classic Marble Madness – to another level. The beautiful 3D mazes of the game...

Marble BlowoutMarble Blowout

Marble Blowout is a casual game in the spirit of Marble Madness. The player controls a marble through 50 levels in different scenarios (desert, forest, sky, etc.), collecting crystals.

Welcome to the magic blocks land of Mario Forever. Evil and crafty Bowser and his friend Kemek have created a new machine which filled the Toadstoll land with magic blocks.

Matching Gems is a challenging new match 3 puzzle game with a fun medieval theme. The game unfolds as a mysterious wizard studies his ancient runes.

Me and My Shadow is a clever open source puzzle platformer from Luka Horvat that looks a lot like Sony’s Echochrome at first glance, but has a different gameplay twist.

Monopoly INTMonopoly INT

Monopoly INT is a freeware dice game designed for at least 1024x768 resolution. Assumption is that you know the classic Monopoly rules. The aim is to collect lots of money and estates.

Mr. Blocko Super Tournament EditionMr. Blocko Super Tournament Edition

Mr. Blocko: Super Tournament Edition looks like Tetris at first glance, however instead of controlling the blocks, you control a little square guy who pushes them around.

Mummy's CurseMummy's Curse

Egyptian priests hid uncounted treasures and the scepter of ancient god Anubis deep within The Pyramids. Your goal is to collect all the gold and win back the artifact for mankind!