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Free Casual, Arcade, Puzzle Games (Page 14)

Sushi! Waxy's Sushi PartySushi! Waxy's Sushi Party

Sushi! Waxy's Sushi Party is a fast-paced reflex-based arcade game in which players must simultaneously serve the orders flowing in from the customers while...

Tearable WorldTearable World

Tearable World is one of the most original, visually alluring and ingenious free puzzle games of all time, in our humble opinion. Crumpled Up Games created an amazing piece...


Placed in a 80's techno environment, Techno-Drone delivers an innovative control scheme with an unique challenge. See how many Techno-Drones you can destroy in this GBS classic!

Techno-Drone AllianceTechno-Drone Alliance

Darker and more regal than the original, Techno-Drone Alliance introduces the Scanner-Drone and wiki entry system. New weapons, levels, and Techno-Drone await!

Teleportower PlusTeleportower Plus

Teleportower Plus is a japanese free indie puzzle game that will test players’ skills in over 100 levels. A level editor is included for those interested in creating their own challenges.

Temple of TangramTemple of Tangram

Do you seek wisdom, inner peace, and truth? Take yourself out of this cold, harsh world and embark on a transcendental adventure. Choose your own path on your quest...

Tetris 1.0Tetris 1.0

Play the classic game of Tetris for free. Tetris is a simple but addicting game that has maintained its popularity over the years. Download and play Tetris today for hours of mindless fun.

Tetris ExtremeTetris Extreme

You may know Tetris from those hours of playing Game Boy. Tetris is shaped blocks that fall into a pit where you arrange them to fit neatly in a sort of juggling min one direction.

The Amazing Flying BrothersThe Amazing Flying Brothers

You play as the infamous flying brothers as they try to perform the flying trapeze act. Only left mouse button is needed. Click it to release your grip. Try to aim for the other swing.

The BlobThe Blob

De Blob (The Blob) is a free PC game that later turned into a commercial project. In this game the player has to restore the colors to the city of Utrecht, absorbing them and...

The Cat That Got The MilkThe Cat That Got The Milk

The Cat That Got The Milk is an abstract game that would make famous artist Picasso proud. The premise of a cat and his search for the milk bottle resulted in...