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Free Casual, Arcade, Puzzle Games (Page 12)


Q-Lat3 is a fast paced and colorful arcade type game with a simple, but challenging goal: Timer is set to 3 minutes, and your task is to clear stages filled with colorful balls.

Quadrax VIIQuadrax VII

Quadrax VII follows on the footsteps of the previous games of the series, with long years of experience being clearly visible in this free PC game. One of the distinctive qualities...

Ragmeg AlleycatRagmeg Alleycat

The classic Paperboy game may be gone, but it certainly isn’t forgotten. Games such as Ragmeg Alleycat, a freeware retro title, bring back the fond memories of that game.

Railroad RampageRailroad Rampage

Railroad Rampage is a cross between an arcade game and a strategy game. It is similar in construction to many "Tower Defence" games, but it has a twist...

Ratsack AdventuresRatsack Adventures

Ratsack Adventures is a freeware puzzle game that cleverly mixes two of the greatest classics in videogaming history: Tetris and Lemmings. It looks great and plays even better...


Rocks'n'Diamonds is a free arcade game that follows the traditions of classics such as Boulder Dash, Sokoban and Emerald Mine. It features network and local multiplayer for...

Sand Castle - Prelude: The Faded MemoriesSand Castle - Prelude: The Faded Memories

Sand Castle - Prelude: The Faded Memories is a physics based free game where the player has to use sand and several contraptions to overcome the puzzles.


Scrabble is a free puzzle game that pits a human player against the CPU through several difficulty levels that alter the amount of words in the computer’s vocabulary.


Screwball was first distributed as shareware and is now a completely free game for download. Featuring 5 distinct worlds and an overall 77 ingenious puzzles to overcome...

Seven MinutesSeven Minutes

Seven Minutes is a puzzling platform game that can be challenging at times. You haven't beaten the game unless you have seen the credits. The game has an interesting plot.