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Free Adventure, Visual Novel Games (Page 10)

Nathan's Second ChanceNathan's Second Chance

Nathan’s Second Chance is a PC freeware adventure about second chances and what is expecting us when we die. This is a heart-warming point and click game that will...

Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks AhoyNelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy

Nelly Cootalot is a young pirate captain who meets her destiny when she comes face-to-face with the visage of the long-dead buccaneer William Bloodbeard.

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Oceanspirit Dennis: The Naked & The NinjaOceanspirit Dennis: The Naked & The Ninja

Oceanspirit Dennis: The Naked & The Ninja is a free SCUMM-based adventure where the hero sets out in a mission to rescue Dennis from the ninjas.


Octodad is an extremely original free adventure game played in a third person perspective. It’s hard to deal with fatherhood, but even harder when you’re an octopus disguised...


There’s nothing like the royal palace to begin a life of adventuring, filled with exciting quests and twisted puzzles. Palacin is a short adventure game where you’ll try to discover...


Phoenix1 is a free adventure game where the player is a technician on board of a spacecraft and you wake up with no memory of anything. This is the beginning, but...

Process freeware PC adventure gameProcess

Process is a short first-person adventure game developed by TrainYard, a small team of indie developers, that anyone can download for free. The game is set in subway car trains...

Professor Neely and the Death Ray of DoomProfessor Neely and the Death Ray of Doom

The classic school of Sierra and LucasArts point and click adventure games inspired yet another work. Professor Neely and the Death Ray of Doom is a freeware PC...


Pulse is an extraordinary game that is getting some well-deserved awards, a game where everything seems to blend perfectly, from the visuals to the sounds and gameplay.


The game follows Frank O'Shea, a soldier on a peacekeeping mission. He is shot in the line of duty and blacks out. He awakens to find himself wounded and in a strange town.