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Free Action, Shoot'em Up, Platformer Games (Page 41)

Stealth Bastard free action platformer gameStealth Bastard

Stealth Bastard is a fantastic and completely free stealth platformer that could show Sam Fisher a thing or two. In this fast-paced mix of platforming, hacking...

Steel Storm Episode 1Steel Storm Episode 1

In the tradition of old school shooters, Steel Storm is a frantic free PC shoot’em up that is aimed at players searching for a challenge and competitive gameplay.

Storm AssaultStorm Assault

Storm Assault is a nice and pretty shoot'em up, similar to classics like Gradius or Project-X. Use Z to shoot and X to upgrade your weapon.


Stream is an experimental game project that sports some side scrolling shooter elements but the main theme of Stream is time travel. You play as a guerrilla soldier...


Streemerz is a free platforming game inspired by NES games and the classic Bionic Commando. It’s also an extremely hard game, only recommended for the most persistent players.

Street Fighter x MegamanStreet Fighter x Megaman

Street Fighter X Megaman is an official crossover of two of the most popular gaming franchises and Capcom fully supported this fan-made and freeware game...


Subvein is a top-down multiplayer action game. It's super fun. You can buy weapons, mutate to develop powerful skills, progress through the ranks in opposing gangs, earn credits by...

Sugar RushSugar Rush

Sugar Rush is a free indie action game with a sugary theme, set in a candy world that isn’t as delicious as it would seem. Think of this game as God of Candy, since we control a little girl...

Sunday PanzersSunday Panzers

Developed with DBPRO V5.7, from September 2004 to December 2004. The second of "Sunday" series, this time you've to smash tanks in a funny and chaotic battle.