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Free Action, Shoot'em Up, Platformer Games (Page 25)

Lair of the MadhatLair of the Madhat

Lair of the Madhat is a DX11 free dungeon crawler made by Manyhat. This game was made from scratch in 9 weeks. The game is about three friends, a rhino, weasel and a deer...

Legend of PrincessLegend of Princess

From the developer: This whole idea came from joining the desire to make a Zelda-game and wanting to try out making an action game that has its levels change slightly.

Lemmingball ZLemmingball Z

Lemmingball Z is a fighting game for linux and windows, loosely based on `Dragonball Z` the hit anime. And when we say loosely based, we mean with a big twist.

Lethal Judgment 3: End GameLethal Judgment 3: End Game

Another chapter filled with great visuals and gigantic bosses, Lethal Judgment 3: End Game offers the quality we are already familiar with from BGames. Fans of old school shooters...

Lethal Judgment 4 DeluxeLethal Judgment 4 Deluxe

Another impressive game in the franchise, Lethal Judgment 4 Deluxe pits the player against a massive alien earth attack. You have to get back to your seat and use all the weaponry...

Lethal Judgment HDLethal Judgment HD

Lethal Judgment HD is another fantastic episode in the free side-scrolling shooter series, offering amazing 720p graphics with several layers of parallax and some huge enemies.

Lethal Judgment OriginsLethal Judgment Origins

Lethal Judgment is a shoot’em up franchise created by a French indie team BGames Studios. The series already features several episodes of great quality, being easily...


Liero is a DOS based game between two worms armed with heavy weapons of all kinds battling in underground caves. Single player action or against a friend in a hot seat game.


It’s safe to say that Valve’s brilliant Portal game serves as inspiration for a few dozens of games and we risk saying that Lifted is one of those. It’s also one of...


Lily is a small horizontal shooter from 2007. The story is about two hippies in a nearby future who want to end all war. Chris Bannister is leading this project from his safe base...