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Free Action, Shoot'em Up, Platformer Games (Page 22)


Igneous is the kind of amazing free game that you’re unlikely to find every day. This is an action platformer featuring frantic gameplay and stunning graphics.


Iji is an action-packed strategic platform shooter with a detailed story, large levels with multiple paths, powerful bosses and lots of secrets. There are alternate gameplay events.


A clever remake of the NES game with the same name, Illuminator is a free PC game that focuses on story and player immersion in the environment.

I'm O.K.I'm O.K.

Jack Thompson made “A Modest Video Game Proposal,” and this was the answer that my three drunken friends and I had for him: a side-scrolling platform shoot-em-up.

Infernal EdgeInfernal Edge

Infernal Edge is a freeware retro platformer game with a survival theme. The player has to battle a cybernetic alien race called Unicus in the Space Station LV-427...

Inside My Radio free action musical indie gameInside My Radio

Rhythm games are few and far between but usually they manage to hypnotize the player with their astonishing synchronization of visuals and music. Freeware quality games...


Insomnia is a platform jumping game where the player tries to climb to the top of a rickety light house in order to escape some unspeakable evil.


Defend the Earth from a huge battleship in this classic, bullet-hell shooter, akin to such games as R-Type and Gradius. Beware however, as the enemy will change its tactics.

Invaders! Possibly From SpaceInvaders! Possibly From Space

Behind the funny title, Invaders! Possibly From Space is an addictive freeware PC shooter that is a tribute to two great franchises of different ages: the amazing Space Invaders...

IO: The RemakeIo: The Remake

4 levels of brutally hardcore shooting action. 4 Bosses and things, might be some other stuff as well to add arbitery numbers to this list. Lots of enemy types for you to shoot!

It Belongs in an Ancient RuinIt Belongs in an Ancient Ruin

Lara Croft and Rick Dangerous aren’t the only adventurers inspired by Indiana Jones. The students of the Digipen Institute of Technology created another game worthy...