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Free Action, Shoot'em Up, Platformer Games (Page 26)

Little Ghost JoeLittle Ghost Joe

 Little Ghost Joe is a free PC platformer game that draws its inspiration from classic games such as Super Mario Bros, featuring simple but charming visuals.

Lost Ship V4Lost Ship V4

Lost Ship V4 is a colorful and mouse controlled vertical shoot'em up. Prepare to fight lots of enemy spaceships and incredible end of level bosses in vivid backgrounds.

Lost Ship V4 EvolutionLost Ship V4 Evolution

Lost Ship V4 is a Space shooter game. You must survive against a lot of ennemis. You must find your way, and fight against a very powerful Boss!

Lyle in Cube SectorLyle in Cube Sector

Here is a nice free platformer with retro-styled graphics and a different approach to gameplay. There are no levels in Lyle in Cube Sector and you get to choose where to go and...

M.A.R.S.: A Ridiculous ShooterM.A.R.S.: A Ridiculous Shooter

M.A.R.S.: A Ridiculous Shooter is a funny free PC shooter game that supports one or two players in a 2D plane. The beautiful visuals featuring a unique style and great color...

Maderina +Maderina +

Maderina + really isn’t a new game (it was developed in 2002) but it clearly stands the test of time, supporting even the most recent operating systems.

Major HertzMajor Hertz

Five students from the Vancouver Film School developed Major Hertz, a free third person shooter created with Unity3d. Gameplay is reminiscent of the 80’s shooters, being...

Maldita CastillaMaldita Castilla

The nigh-on impossible games seem to be making a comeback, with such titles as Super Meat Boy paving the way to the new generation. But many years ago these...

Man VS The WorldMan VS The World

Man VS the World is a free 2D arcade shooter made by 'Mikes Plumbing and Tile: Media Arts Division' which is very clearly inspired by old arcade games


Mari0 is the unlikely combination of two classic videogames from very different eras. Although this kind of experimentation could easily result in a dodgy effort...

Mario Forever 4Mario Forever 4

Mario Forever is a very good remake of the venerable classic game. Once again you strap on your wrench and hardhat and guide the chubby plumber through many skillfully made levels.