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Free Action, Shoot'em Up, Platformer Games (Page 49)


wAive is a shoot-em-up, or shmup, created for SHMUP-DEV's 2007 game development competition, where the theme was options -helper ships-.

Warlock BentspineWarlock Bentspine

Warlock Bentspine is a free platform game that draws inspiration from classics such as Mega Man and Metroid. Jacob Bentspine is the hero, and he’s better known as Warlock...

Weave 3DWeave 3D

Weave 3D is pretty simple, just dodge the walls for as long as you can - but it's surprisingly addicting! Features fully 3D graphics, fast-paced, simple gameplay and high-scores.

Western ShootoutWestern Shootout

In this western themed game, you take on the role of a cowboy fighting for justice. Protecting the weak from gangs, you shoot your way through countless levels. You pass through...


The remake of an old ZX-Spectrum game, but it has a lot of new graphics and sound effects. Enter 25 missions with the story of a noname man who became a legend.

Wild MetalWild Metal

Wild Metal is a 3D strategic vehicular combat game set in a distant land, in which you command armed roving vehicles to disrupt dangerous automated military units.

Wing Commander Saga PrologueWing Commander Saga Prologue

Raw emotion, realistic characters and intense large-scale space combat action await you as you assume the role of 2nd Lt. David "Sandman" Markham.


Winglancer is a freeware vertical shoot’em up with some colorful and simple visuals, focusing on the gameplay side of things, as it always should be. This is an update of the...

Wings of Fury 2Wings of Fury 2

Wings Of Fury 2 is a remake of classic 89' action game - Wings Of Fury. It's a remake of classical arcade shooting game with modern 3d graphics including some nice special effects.

Within a Deep ForestWithin a Deep Forest

Within a Deep Forest is a freeware 2D platform game for Windows featuring challenging gameplay, beautiful music, an evil doctor, and a deep forest.