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Free Action, Shoot'em Up, Platformer Games (Page 19)


GLtron is clearly a free game inspired by the classic movie TRON and also by other games based on the popular franchise. Lightcycles are the stars of the show, and as most players...

Go OllieGo Ollie

Go Ollie is another great free game from Charlie Dog Games and features beautifully rendered scenes and animations, mouse control and two gameplay modes.

God Wont Bless AmericaGod Won't Bless America

Sylvain Seccia, an indie French creator, designed and developed God Won't Bless America, a freeware 3D shooter that is provocative but also features some frantic action.

Golden PearlGolden Pearl

Golden Pearl is a 16 bit, seaside, boss rush shoot'em up. It's about an ass kicking sea otter that must save the Earth's oceans by protecting the Golden Pearl.

GoldenEye 2DGoldenEye 2D

As you've probably guessed, GoldenEye 2D is a remake of the N64 classic (or best game ever). The Dam level has been crammed into a Gameboy styled sidescrolling shooter.

Goupe free PC Super Meat Boy like action platformerGoupé

Fans of classic Silly Putty or Putty Squad rejoice, there’s a new goo in town. Goupé is a freeware 2.5D platformer developed in five months by a team of students from the Full Sail University...

Grand Theft AutoGrand Theft Auto

In 1997, a band of developers that would come to be known as Rockstar North and Rockstar Games released the original Grand Theft Auto on an unsuspecting public.

Grand Theft Auto 2Grand Theft Auto 2

In 1999, DMA Design furthered the groundbreaking gameplay concepts established just two years prior in the original Grand Theft Auto - with the release of GTA2.

Grid ShockGrid Shock

Grid Shock is an arena shooter free game with five characters to choose from and 50 waves of no nonstop action to conquer. Destroy enemy robots and make your way...

Gum Drop Celestial FrontierGum Drop Celestial Frontier

The shooter where you don't shoot, but smash your enemies. Gum Drop defines a new way to play SHMUP's by removing the shooting mechanic.