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Free Action, Shoot'em Up, Platformer Games (Page 11)


New, from the developer of Bombie Zombie, is a challenging platformer that will have you glued to the screen until you can just beat... one... more... LEVEL!

Conflict: ArcadeConflict: Arcade

Conflict: Arcade has been a large project since August 2005. The game is another topdown shooter, based on the concept of America's Army, Soldat, and Unreal Tournament.


Continuum follows the tradition of 1997 shooter SubSpace. This is a game that was abandoned by its publisher but remained alive in the hearts of many players.

Corporate Property f2p jump and run indie gameCorporate Property

If GlaDOS from Portal had a part-time it would be in Corporate Property, a free indie game created by students of the Games Academy. This is a 3D jump’n’run game...

Cosmic InvadersCosmic Invaders

Cosmic Invaders is a game in which you take on the role as defender of the Earth, protecting it from an invading force from beyond the outer reaches of the known cosmos.

Counter-Strike 2DCounter-Strike 2D

Counter-Strike 2D is a new take on the popular multiplayer game Counter-Strike. This free PC game takes the experience to a new top-down 2D perspective...

Crazy NutCrazy Nut

Hold down the spacebar and see how high you can get. You can also play this game and see what kind of nutty noises this little ball makes. Do you have the skills it takes?

Crimson SteelCrimson Steel

Crimson Steel is a 3D single-player, action-packed shooter game. You can alternate roles between the elite pilots Caine and Leyla, each with their own perks.

Dangerous World action platform game for PCDangerous World

Dangerous World hails from Japan, created by indie developers Gaisu and Miki. The star of this freeware pixel-art platformer is a young girl who crash lands in an unknown...

Dark Horizons: Lore InvasionDark Horizons: Lore Invasion

Dark Horizons: Lore Invasion puts the player into the very mind of the most lethal war machines ever to engage combat in the war-torn Earth of 2155.