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Free Action, Shoot'em Up, Platformer Games (Page 10)

Carpe UniversumCarpe Universum

Carpe Universum is an intense Shoot 'em Up (SHMUP) game that features a music driven spawning system. The aim of all this is to encourage very dynamic play.

Cartmans AutoritahCartman's Autoritah

Play as South Park's Eric Cartman in this side scrolling platform game. Attack the bad guys with 5 different weapons: baton, rifle, flame thrower, rocket launcher and V-chip.
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Cat PokeCat Poke

What can a cute little girl do in a rainy afternoon when she’s stuck at home? Watch television? Play videogames? All are valid options, but apparently for this girl there’s nothing...

Cauldron 1 RemakeCauldron 1 remake

This is a nice remake of the great gaming classic Cauldron, published by Palace Software in 1985 for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC home computers.

Cave of no ReturnCave of no Return

Cave of no Return is a frantic free PC game where the player has a simple goal: survive the terrifying cave for as long as possible. Play as a little girl who has to reach...

Cave StoryCave Story

Cave Story, or Doukutsu Monogatari, is a Japanese freeware PC side-scrolling platformer game developed by Studio Pixel . It has been translated into English by Aeon Genesis Translations.

Celestial MechanicaCelestial Mechanica

Celestial Mechanica is a game that was released on Steam and is now free to download. A superstar collaboration from two acclaimed indie developers - Roger Hicks from...

Chewy freeware PC action puzzle platformer for downloadChewy

Fans of classic games Silly Putty and World of Goo will most likely enjoy Chewy, another sticky platformer where the player controls a piece of pink bubblegum.

Chicken ChickenChicken Chicken

Chicken Chicken is a simple two-player action game that took its creator under a week to develop. Nonetheless, it’s an extremely fun game. Each player presses its own...

Choke on my Groundhog, you Bastard RobotsChoke on my Groundhog, You Bastard...

Robots are always bastards. There’s no way around it. We build them and they killed us all. Well almost all, I’m the Earth’s last survivor. But with my time traveling groundhog sidekick...

Clouds Kingdom 3Clouds Kingdom 3

Revenge. As the adventure went on, Master JiKah travelled throughout a whole set of portals before he finally found the room where Sinith Majoo was known to hide.